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Current litters

Cheza's puppies

Birth date: December 8, 2022
Sire: Buster
Anticipated adoption date:  February 2, 2023
Estimated adult weight: 35-45 lbs.

Cheza’s litter is now open for reservation! Some of them look grumpy in their photos, but we’ve discovered that Buster’s puppies have “grumpy eyes” and end up with their Dad’s irresistible good looks!

7 weeks

Esben is an extrovert who loves people (he reminds us of his Dad!). He is an active and fun puppy.

7 weeks

Gammon has a little mark by his mouth that makes him look like he’s half-smiling all the time! He is friendly and a bit adventurous. He has cute black spots along his back.

Gammon is reserved.

7 weeks

Addie has a soft, wavy coat. For now, she is friendly but also a bit more independent.

Addie is reserved.

7 weeks

Trillaine is a wiggly tail-wagger. She loves attention! She is the smallest in this litter.

7 weeks

Errol is curly and looks like a little teddy bear. He is playful but also likes to lap-sit.

Bonnie (F)
7 weeks


Bonnie is the softest of this bunch. She is UNFURNISHED and we think she will look like a gorgeous English Cream Retriever (with Golden markings).

Bonnie is reserved.

Trixi's Puppies

Birth date: December 9, 2022
Sire: Jackpot
Anticipated adoption date:  February 3, 2023
Estimated adult weight: 20-25 lbs.

7 weeks

Klaxton is the largest in the litter so far.  Right now he has one blue eye and one brown eye (not sure it will staty that way). He is the first greeter when you come to play with the puppies He is friendly, loves people, and is only a little mischevious..

7 weeks

Borley is calm and gentle. He is more of a lap-sitting dog.

7 weeks

Maraly has beautiful tri-color markings just like a classic Bernedoodle. She is neither very playful nor too quiet–maybe “just right.”

7 weeks

Artham is adorable in person and his photos don’t do him justice! He is a tail-wagging puppy and loves being held.

7 weeks

Sara is just adorable! She is the smallest of this litter. She has a soft, curly coat and big, bright eyes. Sara loves people and is spunky.

7 weeks

Timber is a beautiful phantom Merle just like his Mama. He has a cute white tip on his tail. He is very friendly. For now, Timber has one blue eye and one brown eye.

Timber is reserved.

7 weeks

Kalmar is a curly Merle & white parti.  He is a playful puppy.

Kalmar is reserved.

Carly's Puppies

Birth date: December 12, 2022
Sire: Buster
Anticipated adoption date:  February 6, 2023
Estimated adult weight: 35-40 lbs.

Some of these puppies look grumpy in their photos, but we’ve discovered that Buster’s puppies have “grumpy eyes” and end up with their Dad’s irresistible good looks!

6 weeks

Ace is a handsome tuxedo. He is a  playful puppy who very much loves people. He is the largest in this litter.

6 weeks

King has curly fur but is soft and fluffy. King is a quiet puppy who loves people and attention. He is the smallest in this litter.

6 weeks

Queen has a curly coat, white-tipped paws and a tiny white tip on her tail. She is friendly and comes for attention. Her fur is thick and fluffy.

Queen is reserved.

6 weeks

Jack has a curly coat. He loves people and is very friendly. He is adventurous and loves attention but somehow manages to look bored in most of his photos.

6 weeks

Lady  is a cute, curly-coat puppy with some random white markings.

Lady is reserved.

6 weeks

Joker is a handsome parti with lots of spots  and, as Bekah says, “a cute, funny face!” Joker is quiet but playful.

6 weeks

Deuce is a cute, all-black puppy (except for a few white hairs on his chin!). He has adorable, perky ears. He is the quietest in this litter (so far).

Deuce is reserved.



Upcoming litters
Jina & Jackpot, expected  around February 10, 2023, with adoption date approximately April  7, 2023. Anticipated adult size 20-25 lbs.
Mvua & Buster, expected in mid-February with adoption in mid-April. Anticipated adult size 35-45 lbs.

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