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Current litters

Jina’s Puppies

Birth date: July 27, 2022
Expected Adoption Date:  September 21, 2022
Sire: Jackpot
Expected weight: 25 lbs.

In this litter are 6 females and 2 males.  ALL HAVE BEEN RESERVED, and will remain on the Web site only until all have been picked up.

Female, 8weeks


Snickers appears to have some chocolate (dark brown) phantom markings, which are difficult to notice against her black coat.  Snickers is not afraid of anything! She’s always wagging her tail.


Snickers is reserved.

Female, 8 weeks


Molly is a sable with four white paws and a white-tipped tail. Molly is perky and friendly.


Molly is reserved.

Female, 8 weeks


Emily is the smallest of this litter and has a wavy coat. Of all the puppies, she likes lap-sitting the most and she is a gentle puppy.


Emily is reserved.

Male, 8 weeks


Dusty is the only male for sale in this litter. He is a gorgeous sable who (so far) is a bit spunky.


Dusty is reserved.

Female, 8 weeks

$900 (unfurnished)

Cynthia is the only curly puppy in this litter, but she is unfurnished. She seems to be quiet and gentle.


Cynthia is reserved.

Female, 8 weeks


Belle is a phantom tri-color. She is friendly and likes being around people. She is neither too playful nor too lazy, but is quieter than some of the other puppies.


Belle is reserved.

Female, 8 weeks

$1600  (unfurnished)

Mixy is a beautiful sable who is unfurnished.  She will follow people around and is a good mix, enjoying both play and affection.


Mixy is reserved.

Male, 8 weeks

Sam is the giveaway puppy in this litter. He has a nice tuxedo and a wavy coat.

Sam is  a quiet puppy who is affectionate but doesn’t go out of his way to seek attention.

Sam is reserved.

Mvua’s Puppies

Birth date: August 7, 2022
Expected Adoption Date:  October 2, 2022
Sire: Buster
Expected weight: 40 lbs.

In this litter are 4 females and 1 male. ALL HAVE BEEN RESERVED, and will remain on the Web site only until all have been picked up.

Female,  6 weeks


Patty has matured over the last week and seems to be less bossy, although she still likes to initiate play with the other puppies. She is very friendly.


Patty is reserved.

Female,  6 weeks


Spice is active and wanders around the most when the puppy play area is opened up for the day. She wags her tail the most and likes attention.


Spice is reserved.

Female,  6 weeks

$800 (unfurnished)

Shady is all black except for just a tiny hint of white on her chin. She is attentive and has perky ears.


Shady is reserved.

Uno Male, 6 weeks


Uno is the only male in this litter. He is curly and quiet and gives lots of puppy kisses.

Uno is reserved.

Female,  6 weeks


Speckle is a beautiful Merle who is comparatively a little less active than the other puppies in this litter, but she still has puppy energy and loves to give kisses.


Speckle is reserved.

Upcoming litters
No upcoming litters at this time.

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